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Machine Features BKM-C481AE:

* One spindle ,one tool magazine + 7 vertical 2 horizontal line boring head (Optional).

* Drum type auto. Tool change system. Tool magazine capacity 8 tools. Tool change time only 8 seconds. (12 tool is optional)

* Two guide ways, double side driving structure, features better overall economy.

* Laser light curtain system, provides safety protection.

* Vacuum table area can be divided into two vacuum zones. When one zone is machining, the other zone can be fed material simultaneously. (optional)

* Full sheet of board can be processed directly, not needing prior sawing. This saves making moulds.

* Suitable for machining complex parts of various types and in small quantities.

* Typical applications: cabinet doors, solid wood doors, computer desks and panel type furniture, etc.


Table size

1220x2440mm (4x8ft)

Max. working stroke

X axis

2640mm (8.66ft)

Y axis

1520mm (4.99ft)

Z axis

250mm (0.82ft)

Spindle elevation

150mm (5.9″)

Work piece height

Max.200mm (7.87″)

Pneumatic boring head lifting

150mm (5.9″)

Rapid speed

X , Y axis

60M/min (196.85ft/min)

Z axis

20M/min (65.62ft/min)


Spindle speed


Main power

Spindle motor

11HP (8kw)x1 HSD

Vacuum pump

10HP (7.5kw)








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Casino Evolution-Các trò chơi trong casino

Casino Evolution-Các trò chơi trong casino